Monday, December 27, 2010

Reuse Your Wrapping Paper

Did everyone have a fantastic weekend?  I know I did.  I ate way too much and had such fun time with family!  Are you one of those that saves all your wrapping paper or do you trash/recycle it?  All mine usually gets recycled, but if you want to keep it this time, here are a few ideas for you:

How to make Paper from B Zedan.

Shredded Color PaperShredded paper picture from Jesse James.

Sort it into similar colors and put through your paper shredder for gift packing.

Let your kids use it for making collages.  You know Valentine's day is coming up.  Cut the red and white paper into small, unidentifiable pieces and they'll never know that there were penguins on the paper!

Use it as packaging for your Christmas decorations.

Do you have anything special you do with your wrapping paper leftovers?

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