Monday, November 08, 2010

Being a Good Host for House Guests

Happy Monday dear readers!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We spent most of our weekend at home, relaxing and watching football.  It's what we like to do these days.  We are also working on our unfinished bathroom downstairs.  My husband has the walls ready to be painted and the ceiling textured.  We were talking color palettes this weekend and hope to have something solidified by Friday.  {Our local Sherwin Williams is having a paint sale-- 40% off starting Friday so it'd be nice to participate!}

Along with our bathroom downstairs, we have a guest bedroom.  I believe I've told you that we love entertaining people in our home.  We loving having people visit and stay-- and since our home is minutes from I-80, we have a lot of friends that pass through for a night.  Having the bathroom finished next to the guest bedroom will make their stay so much more comfortable.

One thing I like to do for guest is to have a goodie basket on the night stand in case they forgot something.  Much like a hotel.  Don't you love hotels that have a toothbrush waiting for you in case you forgot yours at home?  You can see the basket we have in the room now pictured above.  It's nothing grand, but it includes basics like shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lotion and soap.

When I travel and stay at hotels, I usually don't use the shampoo and conditioner they provide so I pack it away, take it home and keep a little stash so I can freshen the guest basket every once and a while.  {Which my husbands always kids me about pulling a Ross.}  I don't think taking the samples provided by the hotel is a bad thing.  Right?  right?

Do you like hosting guests?  Do you have ways you help make your guest more at home?


Nick said...

Nothing wrong with taking the soap and shampoo from a hotel. They will just throw it out anyway. Now, the towels and the like, I'd have to say might be taking it too far. But the soap and the shampoo? Nah, go ahead. That's what it's there for; you already paid for it. :)

deb said...

Unlike Ross, I've never taken any towels or centerpieces. ;) I keep it to the shampoo & lotions.