Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Stephanie's Living Room Progress

I love hearing about the progress of redesigns. It is so fun to see the design on paper come into action. Remember Stephanie's Living Room redesign?

Living Room Redesign

JCaroline has been busy finishing Stephanie's upholstery and posted a picture of the chair set with the ottoman and pillows. 

And I fell in love.  Don't you just love Jessica Jones fabric designs paired with JCaroline's mad upholstery skills?  I think this color combination is so wonderful and I'm so glad Stephanie was brave and let me have my way with her transformation.  I can't wait to see the pieces in her home. 

JCaroline Homeis now offering many more solids in her fabric choices so go on over and check out her work.  She makes ikea chairs fit you and your style.

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