Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tips on finding a Focal Point

Being a designer I appreciate that having a focal point is a huge thing in every space!  Focal points can also be seen on a much smaller scale.  Here are some examples of focal points on a smaller scale and why they work:

Office Bookcase

This bookcase arrangement is a great example of a focal point!  I love how the smaller shelving unit in the middle really draws your eye in while being balanced by the larger ones on either side!  {Photo from The Day Has Come}

Bet you can't find the focal point on the sofa?  Ok, so maybe this was a little too easy, but see how just that one pillow really draws your eye into the space and begs to be looked at?  {Photo from AdventureDiva}

See how the center framed photo is larger than the rest?  This provides a clear focal point to the wall!  {Photo from Blossom Interiors}

Think about the space you're currently working on and see if it needs a focal point.  It's an easy way to fix your space and make it look fabulous!

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Kara said...

I really like that bottom photo. I was always under the impression that wall art had to be done it threes. I love that the whole wall is used but it doesn't look crazy. You have just opened a whole new world for me. Thanks! Love all three ideas BTW.