Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reader Question: Bright Colors?

Kara sent us a question that I feel needed an answer.  I think many of you have the same question:

"I love bright colors!  They make me happy and feel alive.  But I am curious as to how many rooms can be bright.  Can I have my kitchen, living room, and bedroom in bright colors or do they all need to be different?  Many of my friends have dark colored living rooms.  Is that a typical theme for a living room?  I am loving the Anthroplogie Bella Hothouse bedspread but I also love their bright potholders and funky colored latte bowls.  Too much of the same thing?  Any suggestions for how to have variety in my home decor but without being completely dark?  Thank you for your help!"

Just like Kara, I LOVE bright colors!  Colors make me feel excited, full of energy, and are just plain fun!  I would say make ALL your rooms bright!  The thing to remember is to keep it grounded.  Keep your larger furniture pieces neutral and your main color bright yet a nice backdrop for everything else in the room. Many people choose dark colored living rooms because, to be honest, it's a safe choice and many times, easier to plan around because accessories, pillows, and window treatments are easier to find for darker, more standard living room designs.  Don't be scared to try more bright colors!  It's your house and you want it to be as comfortable as it can be for you and your personality!

Here are some fun colorful rooms that are well designed:

{Check out the full house here.  It has just about every color imaginable, but it works because of the grounded neutral floor and walls.}

{Designer Doug Myers uses natural materials juxtaposed with bright cheerful colors for a great home design!}

{Lifestyle Architect Windsor Smith kept everything neutral with a wonderful splash of color on the floor.  I'd probably add a few more coordinating accessories to bring the color up into the room a little more.}

Check out our Q&A with Amy Butler for some bright, cheerful bedding and rugs to add to your own decor.


Dara said...

Great post! I love bright colors too and am in the process of moving, so this was most encouraging.

I feel as though some people do dark colors because they feel it's more adult or sophisticated. It's also safe as you said, but if done correctly and in balance, a bright room is a fun and happy space.

Christa said...

I LOVE the floor of the kitchen, love it! i'm totally making a note of it for my future kitchen.

Traveling Mama said...

I love the bright colors! They are so fun and cheery!

Betsy said...

You know what the great thing about paint is? It's easy to redo (not always the most fun, but it's not hard!).

I say if you want bright colors - and they will make you happy while you live there - you should use bright colors! If you're worried about what people will think when you sell your house (if you're considering that) then just know you can go by a nice neutral tan color then and repaint. Easy!

I love bright/loud colors - I picked a couple of rooms in my house and I went for it. At the end of the day, if it makes you happy, it's your space - choose the colors you love!

Kara said...

Thank you so much for answering my question. Those examples were great! I feel inspired and more confident to decorate my home in a manner fitting to me. Thank you again for taking time to reply. Love this blog and all of the ideas you post are fabulous!