Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Redesign- Children's Bedroom

Today's room redesign was inspired by the new Renate Bloom bedding from IKEA!  It's such a fun happy print with a great color palette.  I've added to it the gorgeous modern sleigh bed for a playful, yet stylish child's room.

1. Modern Childrens' Sleigh Bed from Spacify.

2. Renate Bloom Bedding from IKEA.

3. Renate Pillow from IKEA.

4. Glorious print from CrimsonPeachArt.

5. Lamp from Heathfield & Co.

6. Manning Side Table from Target.


Traveling Mama said...

I absolutely ADORE this!! That bed is to DIE for and that bedding is SOO cute!

sunny said...

well count me a child. I have that bedding and adore it! It helped me select yellow accents for my bedroom. the bedding has a cute, tiny floral print on the other side of it. ADORABLE.