Wednesday, March 31, 2010

High Tech Design Resources

There are lots of resources to help you when designing your own home!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Ever been out and about and wondered what color they used on the wall or what color is on that accent pillow?  Try the new iPhone and iPad Touch app from Pantone:

It will allow you to take any photograph and create a color palette with it on the go!

Also try Google SketchUp for laying out your floor plan!  It allows you to see it in 3D so you can tell right away if that bookcase is too small or that artwork is too large for your wall.  (It also helps when you decide that you want to rip out a wall and open up the space but your husband just can't seem to see your vision!)

{Image from}

Sherwin-Williams has a great tool called the color visualizer.  You can use their image or upload one of their own and basically paint the walls to see what color you'd like to use.  There's also a coupon you can print out and take in when you buy your paint!

Have any resources you like to use?  Let us know!


Ronique Gibson said...

I'm always looking for some new iphone apps, thank you! Being an architect and a designer, the ones you found I'm downloading now! Thanks again!

Rachel Johnson said...

I really want the Pantone App, but the $10 price tag is stopping me. I am so silly, I would spend $10 on anything else, but it seems expensive for an App. I should just do it!