Friday, February 19, 2010

Fireplace in your Kitchen?

This is something that's always been on my list of When we Build A house I want this:

This is the CookCook fireplace from Reugg

A woodburning fireplace in the kitchen!  There's nothing more delicious to me than flat breads and pizzas cooked directly over the flame!  Plus it's just so inviting and comfortable!  What do you think?  A little too much, or great if you have the space?  I'd still have a standard oven but would love the ability to light up the fireplace for some real cooking!  Are there any things on YOUR wish list?


Nikki said...

I would survive on s'mores alone. I've always wanted one too!

erin said...

Yum! S'mores! I hadn't even thought of that!

Cole said...

I want a huge wrap around porch and a room purely for being creative

My First Kitchen said...

LOVE that. I can already taste the pizza.