Tuesday, February 02, 2010

DIY Paper Lantern Embellishments

At CHA last week Deb and I saw some amazing things!  I have tons of pictures of cute booths, exhibits, and projects.  This project was at the Hambly Screen Prints booth:

DIY lamp from Hambly Screen Prints

Want to know how to make it?  Buy a paper lantern from any local store.  You can probably find these at a party store, IKEA, or a World Market type store.  Purchase your favorite clear overlay sheets (they are hand screened transparencies) and cut to fit each side of the light.  Adhere the top with a clear adhesive and you're good to go!  How easy is that?  I think it would be fun and easy to change out for different seasons as well.  Imagine a spiderweb overlay for Halloween, or a different pattern for the holidays.

*If you don't have room for a full sized hanging lantern, try this desktop one from World Market:

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Amalie Maren said...

So so adorable! I gotta get me one of those!

By the way, just found your blog and LOVE it. I'll be stalkin'...:)