Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caden is 2!

It's hard to believe it, isn't it? Our little Caden is turning into a BIG boy so, so quickly. He turned 2 this Friday. We had a party with family here in Lincoln a couple weeks ago, and then for his birthday, we were in Utah and able to celebrate with Casey's family.

For his birthday, we headed over to the Bean Museum in Provo, UT which is pretty much like Cabela's on crack. I've never seen so many stuffed animals in my life and Caden absolutely loved it! He saw giant bears, an elephant, an alligator, and was even able to be a turtle. Doesn't he make the cutest turtle ever?

We could resist stopping at Sweet Tooth Fairy to get a vaNIElla squared cupcake. It was so, so yummy and definitely NieNie worthy.

While we were waiting for the party to get started, sword fights were going on everywhere. It was a riot.

And what more could a 2 year old want? Seriously. Cars on the cake. He was ecstatic and his entire face lite up.

I couldn't be more proud of my little Caden. He is such an even keeled boy with a killer personality. I love how he calls cars mei-mei's and his dear Uncle Christian, Chick. He is such a blessing in our life and I hope I can be the mother I am to be.

Love you Caden and Happy 2nd Birthday!!


Team Fuller said...

He is DARLING and such a little man. I love that smile! You are a great mother!

Faith | UPrinting said...

What an adorable little man. He must be a very aroable and full of playful i dear.

Kristine said...

Time certainly flies! He is such a cutie and so full of personality. Happy birthday, Caden!