Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Redesign: Cozy & Modern Bedroom

Happy Monday everyone!  Snow is falling on the ground here.  It's beautiful!  {And cold}.  I want nothing more than to snuggle with my little one curled on the couch today.  So here is a bedroom redesign with modern and cozy tones.
Bedroom Redesign

And now for a break down of the goodies:

  1. This is one of my favorite color palettes.  It's very neutral and timeless.  And I love green.  Green is refreshing and easy on the eyes.  It promotes an energy comfort, peace and balance in a room... which is so perfect for the bedroom.  I suggest painting the walls this olive green color from Diamond Vogel.  It's called Sandalwood Tan (8479).  If you don't have a Diamond Vogel near you and would like the color specifics, just give me a shout.

  2. This bed from Crate and Barrel is simple and perfect and fits the bill too.  Isn't it lovely?

  3. And the bedding on top from 2 Modern fits with the color palette perfectly.

  4. I love this chair from Room & Board.  It fits perfectly in this bedroom.  It adds texture and is visually stimulating.

  5. This framed sea fan would be a great compliment to the room above the chair, nestled in a corner of the bedroom.

  6. A set of these lamps on matching end tables on each side of the bed would help balance the room and also give extra lighting when you need it.

  7. And these sheer white drapes help the room feel cozy, light and airy.

I hope you've enjoyed this bedroom redesign and have found it inspiring and helpful.  If you need a little extra help with your space, we have good news!  We are wishing you a happy holiday season......Redesign DiscountWe are running a holiday special here at Fresh Nest Design!  $50 off our mood board redesigns.  We have appreciated all of our readers so much and would like to thank you for coming back day after day.  There is no way we could do it without you!  Purchase a redesign for yourself, a loved one, or a friend!  Our goal here is to help anyone and everyone love the space they are in. Click here to get purchase a redesign for $200.


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