Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ice Blue Interiors

I love clean white spaces with a touch of Icy blue.  They are gorgeous, simple, and fun, all at the same time!  Here are a few of my favorites saved in my inspiration folder.

Dreamy white bedroom: Vincente Wolf's Palm Beach makeover + modern four-poster + 'Patriotic White' by Benjamin Moore{From House Beautiful}

I'm loving the overall neutral feel of this room paired with hints of ice blue and apple green!

Serene neutral paint: Taupe dining room + sky blue ceiling{Picture from Domino Magazine (now retired)}

This room also feels pretty neutral, but the ceiling is fabulous.  LOVE it!

Warm + modern, blue + brown: Norman Cherner chairs + beautiful maple dining table

{Beautiful interior Residence from designer Eric Cohler}

Oh my!  Love the warm wood tones and blue back painted glass bar.  Absolutely gorgeous!


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Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

Such beautiful rooms! I agree that the icy blue is the perfect accent in any white room.