Monday, May 18, 2009

Room Redesign-Melanie's Master Bedroom

Do you remember Melanie's design dilemma?  She's got a small master bedroom in an apartment.  There's no overhead lighting, the bathroom is directly off of the bedroom with no doorway and we can't add color by painting the walls!  Sounds challenging, right?  Here's your design board Melanie!

Melanie's Master Bedroom1. Storage Ottoman Nightstands in a fun lime green!  Lift off the top for extra storage, or move to different parts of your room for a small seat.  By hanging the lamp above the nightstand instead of putting it on the nightstand we'll keep it free to move around.

2. Hanging Lamps from Ikea.  Use these shades with this cord.  They don't need to be wired into your house.  Just plug and hang!  Try using a larger one in the center of the room for even more general light!

3. Hang a few yards of a large scale fabric from the ceiling behind your bed.  This is a great way to add color to your room with out doing anything permanent since you're in an apartment.  This fabric is from Marimekko.

4. Go for all white bedding from Target.  Usually I don't do all white but in this case it will make the room seem bigger by allowing the bedding to be more light and airy while letting your accent colors show through even more!

5. Accent Pillows in tangerine and lime from Target.  Add some color to your all white bedding with these great silk screened pillows!

6. Replace the fabric curtains with a darker bamboo shade.  We've got a lot of fabric in the room already and the dark shades will be a nice contrast to help the other dark wood in the room be emphasized.

7. Use these sheer panels and hanging system from Ikea to cover up your bathroom entrance.  By using white sheer material we keep the bed and the fabric behind the bed as the focal point of the room.  The white will blend in with the walls and the sheer will let some of the light from the bathroom vanity into the bedroom for the additional light you need.

Thanks Melanie for letting me help you out!


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Melanie said...

This design is awesome; it even got the thumbs up from the husband. Thanks! I'll get to work ASAP!