Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Redesign-Surabhi's Bedroom

Remember Surabhi's Room from last Thursday?  We need a few items to add to her bedroom and we'd like to add some more color but need to do it in a non-permanent fashion because she's currently renting her place.

First off, there's not too much I'd change with the room layout.  With some apartments, there's only so many layouts and so many walls you can put the bed against.  I'd also keep the bedding.  It's modern and casual and will work well with the new design!

Surabhi's Bedroom Redesign
1. Overlapping Square headboard from West Elm. This will give us a little bit of visual weight on the wall, without being overbearing.  It will also define the wall as a focal point.

2. Lamps for the nightstand from Lamps Plus. The lamps will provide a little more height and the larger scale of these will coordinate with the larger headboard.

3a. Even a new DIY'er can do this project.  Paint a few pieces of foam core board.  (Found at most office supply stores, Wal-mart, Target, etc.)  Then cut out in your desired shape.  I used a hexagon above.  Use a non-permanent adhesive to adhere to your wall and you've got instant color.  It's lightweight and easy to remove when you move.  Colors from left to right are: Sherwin Williams SW 6423 Ryegrass, Sherwin Williams SW 6425 Relentless Olive, Sherwin Williams SW 6423 Ryegrass.

3b.  Want a little more pattern?  Try covering your foam core with this wrapping paper from The Container Store.

4.  Emerald Bud Vase from Inside Avenue

5. Jade Green and Brown Ceramic Vase from Inside Avenue.

6. Round Storage Ottoman. Try two or three of these.  You can line them up at the end of the bed or use two at the end of the bed, and one by the dresser.  They are lightweight and flexible.  The will also provide extra storage and a place to sit without taking up lots of room like a huge bench would.  You could even turn the storage lid upside down for the tray and use two as a nightstand.  I love having pieces that serve more than one purpose!

I had so much fun working on the bedroom!  I love a good challenge!  Thanks Surabhi for letting me redesign your bedroom!


If you'd like to enter your own space for a redesign just submit this form.

1 comment:

Surabhi said...

I LOVE the design!! Thanks a lot guys! These are the exact colors I had in mind and I especially like the headboard, the lamps and the vase. It's simple and very elegant- just as I wanted it to be.

I can't wait to put it all together and turn my bedroom into a cozy retreat. Thanks again- you guys are awesome!