Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Redesign- Nicole & Tristan's Balcony

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Remember Nicole & Tristan's balcony?  They wanted a new design to help store all their bikes, use it for toy storage and garden/grow plants.  They also mentioned their son likes to watch the trains go by so they didn't want too many plants.  After talking with Nicole more about the color palette, we decided to brighten it up a little since the space would be outside.  Below is my floorplan of the space.

Balcony redesign

I wanted to create a beautiful balcony that would serve a dual purpose:  1.  Storage for outside items & 2. An oasis to garden, visit, and watch the trains go by.  Nicole is an avid gardener, very handy and crafty so although many of my recommendations are for products are online, Nicole and Tristan may be able to find a similar item to the ones I suggested, yet at a more reasonable price using freecycle, craigslist, thrift store, and garage sales.

Here is my breakdown of the items I used in the space: Nicole Tristan balcony

  1. Solar Laterns-  These are solar powered laterns made out of nylon- no cords or flame needed.  They should hang from the top of the balcony to provide light in the evenings, and accent the balcony with some color during the day.  They will also provide a buffer for the bikes hanging from the "ceiling".

  2. Folding Chairs-  I would recommend getting two of these and staining them in a nice warm brown.  These are great because they fold up when they aren't needed, but provide additional seating if you'd like to have an evening hanging outside, enjoying the view.

  3. DIY Bike Storage-  Purchase one 8'- 10'-2x4 and cut it down to two pieces that are 4'-5' feet in length.  Each foot should allow for 1 bike, when they are staggered.  Before hanging these boards to the wall, attach some plastic to the wall, using a stapler.  This will ensure that the bike tires don't scuff up the wall.  {When you move out, your landlord will be happy}.  The only other item you need are some nails and large hooks.  Hang the lower board at a sufficient height for the children's bikes and then hang the top board at a sufficient height for the adult bikes.  Viola!  You have a inexpensive and practical bike rack.  If you want to dress it up a little bit, you can paint the 2x4s.  If you want to provide even more of a buffer from the outside world, you can install outside curtains to hide the bikes.

  4. Rectangle Planters-  I know gardening and flowers are important to Nicole & Tristan.  I thought these rectangular planters would be perfect if they lined the entire balcony ledge.

  5. Flagstaff Planter-  This should go right next to the bench, between the bench and the bikes.  I would plant a tall plant/shrub here to provide another buffer from the bikes from your seating area.

  6. Storage Bench-  This storage bench will allow you to store all your toys and outside goods so they are hidden from everyone to see.

  7. Bench Cushion- {in Sunbrella Melon}  This will dress the bench up a little an add a color pop.  It will make the bench more enjoyable to sit on too.

  8. Pillows- Orange pattern {cover}, Solid Orange, Turquoise pattern {cover}, Solid Turquoise To accent the space, I would buy a few pillows {6-7}.  I would put some on the bench and one on each chair when it's being used.

  9. 5x9 Rug-  This is a foundational piece of the space and will tie everything together.  It is a large outdoor rug that will cover much of the balcony floor.  It will make the balcony seem larger and tie everything together.

  10. Shrubs & Plants- I would recommend planting some greenery on the front side of the balcony to dress it up and pull everything together.

Nicole and Tristan I hope you love your balcony redesign and have fun implementing it.  It was a lot of fun and I love all the bright colors.

Do you have a space that you need redesigned? Come tell us about it here.


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