Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Party Party

Before Caden's birthday party, invitations were sent out and decorations were hung with a balloon theme in mind.

{Large pom-poms- Caden gave me several giggles while hanging these}

Many, many balloons were raised in effort to surprise our little one.

And surprised he was. A little joy for all.

We enjoyed our little party amongst our dearest of family and friends.

And cake was devoured by all.

Especially by this cuite pie.

The End.


wendysue said...

So Cute! I love all the red! Did you make the little pom pons? Are they out of yarn? Super cute (and reuseable!!)

Nicole said...

Great decorations Deb! (by the way, I love your hair!) I really like the red theme - I just might have to steal it for Alexander's party!

Kristine said...

Sooo adorable! I love your decorations- fabulous idea! Looks like he enjoyed his day! Did you recently get a hair cut? It looks great!:)

Joni said...

Cute ideas! I'll have to remember them for Henry Max's birthday on Monday. Sadly, I'm not that creative so he'll be lucky with a store bought cake!