Monday, February 09, 2009

DIY shelving

Happy Monday to everyone! Here's a little something I did over the weekend {and of course it couldn't have been done with out Casey}. We are organizing the house one room at a time. I knew I could do Caden's room pretty quickly as I knew exactly what I had in mind. His room really isn't too disorganized except for this bookshelf.
Notice everything piled on to the top shelf? {That's the only shelf he can't reach these days}. His toys were also starting to take over our living room so I wanted to consolidate them. Here are a couple pictures of the after product.

The shelf and storage bins were purchased at Target. {for under $100}
{print from Justin Vining}

I covered the back in some 12 x 12 paper from Hobby Lobby.

This way Caden can play with everything on every shelf. And the amount of toys in the living room has diminished. Cute, fun, practical and inexpensive.


Christy said...

I love Justin Vining's work! Did you get A Beautiful World? His paintings make me miss Indiana.

Marisa said...

I have the same thing in Ella's room but with pink baskets. We even have Noah's Ark in the same corner ;-).

Nicole said...

Very awesome! I would have never thought to dress it up with the paper. You are so creative, Deb!

Deb said...

Thanks everyone!

The print is "Nate's World"- I don't know if he offers it anymore, but he has some that are very similar.

SH said...

I love it! I got the same shelving for the girls toys some time ago and added another section after Christmas. I like the paper idea and will have to add some to ours.

The Brink Blog said...

Saw this on Audra's blog...CLEVER!!! Love to cover and dress it up with the paper...hmmmm...I am getting an idea for my daughter's playroom in our basement!