Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make your own Guitar

Have you been over to look at Want to learn how to knit, make baby legwarmers, or appliques? Visit her site, she has great step by step tutorials. Have a question about how to make something? Ask her and she will know the answer. She is a crafting genius. She also has a monthly craft challenge where she send participants random supplies to create their own design or craft. January was the first month and you should see what others have come up with! Some tough competition, I say.

I had such a fun time coming up with ideas on what to do with my supplies that I recieved. I will say that the rubber bands threw me off. With my supplies I decided to make a guitar for Caden. He loves music and I thought it would have fun with it. Below is my step by step tutorial on how to make one.

Supplies needed: (the starred items are what Christy sent in her craft challenge package)

  • can or box (I used a small formula can)
  • ruler
  • glue gun
  • rubberbands*
  • fabric*
  • paper towel roll
  • cardstock*
  • brads*
  • string*
STEP 1: Measure the can or box you are using

STEP 2: Measure your fabric and cut it

STEP 3: Place rubber bands around the can or box

STEP 4: Apply glue to your can or box and wrap it in the fabric

STEP 5: Apply glue to the cardstock and wrap it around the paper towel roll (I used the entire piece of paper)

STEP 6: Push brads through the paper and paper towel roll. I put four brads on this guitar.

STEP 7: Wrap a piece of string around each brad. Attach the paper towel roll to your can or box using your glue gun.

STEP 8: Viola! Enjoy your new guitar!!

Up for the challenge and want to participate in February's craft challenge? Go here for more information.

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Christy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is such a great idea!

Thanks for the tutorial, too!