Friday, November 07, 2008

Winter is Coming

Butterfly collage from aliedwards
Isn't this butterfly collage just wonderful? It would be very easy to recreate. Buy a paper punch and differnt types of paper (or better yet, use magazines and books that you have laying around). This is going on my list of things to do as it's just my style. Simple, fun, creative and unique.

Here's a random update on the happenings at our house.
  1. Caden is quite the little cruiser. He loves to walk along the furniture and pull himself up on everything. He can even stand alone for a couple seconds. One thing that has thrown him off this week is the time change. He has been getting up at 5am sharp no matter what time we put him down for bed. Have I told you how happy I am that it's Friday? That means I can try to take a nap this weekend. (Try=it usually doesn't happen, but atleast it's an option).
  2. Jonzy is sad that winter is coming. As if he doesn't get outside enough already. The good thing is once it gets really cold, we let him go outside without the leash and he runs around until he is freezing and comes back inside. If we let him go off leash during the summer, we wouldn't see him for several hours.
  3. We had a lot of fall family shoots and we are busy getting everything processed and ordered (and packaged!). It's not too late to take holiday family pictures so contact us if you are interested. We do picture parties too so if you want to get a group of your friends together we will set up our studio at your house and fire away. It's quick, easy and fun. We also updated the website... feel free to take a look at some recent pictures.
  4. I need some new recipes. I am falling into the cook-the-same-meals-over-and-over trap and it's not rewarding at all. Have a good fall recipe? Email it to me. Who knows... you & your recipe may be featured right here. Now who wouldn't want that? It's like fame and fortune in a small, small package. Well, fame atleast.

Vive le weekend!!


Audra said...

a nap...sounds heavenly!

Love the photos- can't wait for you guys to do our family this winter!

Kristine said...

Your updated photos look awesome! Hope you were able to rest this weekend. :)