Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simple Play: Strainer & Pipe Cleaners

I mentioned some time ago how I struggle with the simplest tasks like cooking.  Here's an activity that will keep your little one busy while you whip up your fancy meal on the stove.  Give him a strainer and a few pipe cleaners and see if he can string them through himself.  My baby can't (he's 14 months) so another alternative is to put the pipe cleaners in place and he will pull them out and try to put them back in.  It works even better if you have someone around to play the "game" with your little one.


Hilary said...

I tried this with my kids awhile back. It was not a success for us. Glad it worked for you guys, ha!

deb said...

Not all kids are created the same, huh? :)