Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple Play: DIY Magnet Jar

We had a couple pipe cleaner scraps left over from our DIY snowflake activity so I decided to make a quick magnet jar.


  • Glass jar (this is a recycled Ragu jar)

  • Strong magnet

  • magnetic items (we used pipe cleaners)

  • non-magnetic item (we used colored rice)


  1. Place everything in the jar except for the magnet.

  2. Shake it up.

  3. Slide the magnet on the outside of the jar to see if you can get anything to move.  If not, put the magnet inside the jar to see what you can fetch!

"Look, mom!  A spider!"

Caden loved this so much and it was so, so simple.  I love it when we can find fun and creative things to play with around the house.

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