Monday, November 21, 2011

Simple Play: Fabric Wipe Toy

Porter (13 months) loves taking anything that belongs in a box out.  Ziploc bags can go from orderly to a quilted mess all over the floor in a matter of seconds.  Wet wipes can be taken out by the handfuls leaving a trail so he can remember from whence he came.  It's really an amazing talent.  "Here, mom, you clean up the Ziploc bags while I tackle the wet wipes."

My solution: make a fabric wipe toy that I'm okay cleaning up over and over.  I took an empty Clorox wipe dispenser, washed it and rolled up scrap fabrics.  He loved it and once all the fabric was out of the container, he wanted to put it back in.

Caden (3.5 yo) had fun with the fabric too.  Every piece Porter would take out, Caden would get ready to do a magic trick.  Or make a pie.  It would change every time he laid a piece of fabric down.

"What is it, Caden?"

"It's a pumpkin pie.  Let me cut you a piece!"

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