Thursday, September 29, 2011

Porter is Walking!

Last weekend, Porter took his first steps.  Here he is showing off his mad skills.


Our little Porter is such a charmer. It's hard to believe we'll be celebrating his first birthday next weekend. Luckily he still likes to cuddle every now and then so I'm soaking up all my baby time while I still can.

|Video processed with the 8mm iPhone App|


Hilary Fuller said...

So sweet. How did our babies get to be a year already? I don't miss the sleepless nights but I really miss the cuddling and milk drinking first thing in the morning. My babies would sit on my lap, drinking from their bottle while I caught up on the DVR. My favorite time of day, by far. But no more, now they want FOOD when they wake up!

deb said...

I know, it happens way too fast! Now I just have to remember how I transitioned Caden to milk and more solids. It's amazing how I've forgotten all of that.