Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caden Goes to Preschool

Caden started preschool last week and if you can't tell, he loves it!  Can you also tell by these pictures that he never stops moving?  He is such a busy boy, I tell you!  I'm so happy I've kept up my workout routine.  I think I might be in the best shape of my life and it sure helps me keep up with him!

Caden wakes up every morning and asks me if he's going to school.  And then he asks me if we can have ice cream for breakfast.

Gotta love him.

We've been a little hit and miss around here.  Sorry about that. The summer has been downright gorgeous so we are getting out as much as we can before the winter sets in. 


Hilary said...

How exciting! Preschool is so great! How many days a week does he go? Is it like a mommy days out program? He looks fantastic and yes, he looks busy!!

deb said...

He goes Tues/Thurs from 12-2pm. I don't know what mommy days out is, but this is a traditional preschool program offered through the public school system.

KatyMay said...

Seriously, that boy is adorable. I ask Jordan if we can have ice cream for breakfast all the time ;)

deb said...

So that's where he gets it from... :)

Cari said...

Hi Deb!
Your blog, and your family are adorable! I'm also glad you did a post on the watercolor business cards, because they were super cute and I was wondering how you did it!

I name dropped you in my MN blogger con post nice meeting you, looking forward to reading more!