Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Do You Start Your Day?

Breakfast while reading the news?  Checking your email?  Getting ready for the day?  Meditation?  Journaling?

I've been experimenting with how to get my day off on the right foot.  I'm no expert, by any means, but I've found that starting my day with reflection seems to help lately.

Not sure what to reflect on?  Here are a couple resources I've found helpful:

  1. Gwen Bell -- she's full of wisdom and gives you powerful daily nuggets to chew and reflect on on her blog.

  2. Martha Beck -- she recently shared 20 questions that could change your life on Oprah's site.  |via Khara Plicanic|

So I'm interested... how do you start your day?  Do you consciously set aside time to reflect during the day?

|Artwork by Wendy MacNaughton via The Jealous Curator|


audra Kelly said...

I try to get up an hour before the kids (not sure how that will work with a newborn, though). The house is quiet and I find it the perfect time to do 'my thing' before the chaos of the day starts.

I also go to bed after the children so that I make sure things are picked up, dishes done ect- SO that when I get up...its actually "ME" time and not compromised with household duties.

Walks in the early morning or late evening are nice for clearing the 'clutter' too!

deb said...

You are so organized, Audra! I've been trying to make sure all the dishes are done before bedtime and it makes all the difference in the morning! When the little one comes, don't be so hard on yourself. In a few months, everything is back to normal.