Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Someone please tell me why I thought now was the time to cut down on sugar and quit soda.  It's about a gazillion degrees outside and I just don't know how much patience I have left.

Anyone have a piece of chocolate or ice cream they wanna share?

In the meantime, I'll make fun of how horrible I am at doing hair.  I'm really good at messy side buns that fall out all day long.  (thank you baby fine hair!)

|Picture of me & Porter by me with instragram|


Sarah Averett said...

You can do it Deb!!! My sister in law asked me about a month and a half ago to go off sugar and pop with her and I have wanted to quit SO many times since. When I get those urges I pop in some sugar free crystal light candies (which are delightful and only 6 calories each) and it helps curb the craving a ton! It's so rewarding though. I feel like I have so much more energy! Good job, I'm proud of you :)

P.S. I know how you feel with the baby fine hair as well. I have it too and hate it with a burning passion! It makes doing hair way too hard to be worth it.

Deb said...

Your comment brightened my day, Sarah! Thank you!! Glad to know that this no sugar/no soda thing is actually possible. Now I'll just wait for the energy to increase. I'm currently drained beyond belief. xoxo