Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Grinning Ear to Ear

It's a strong dose of happy today people!  Mr. Porter has whipped out his cute two-teethed grin just for you.

This little guy is 8 months old today, and he's quite the cutie pie.  He loves to walk along things rather than roll around on the floor.  And he's about | | this close to crawling.  He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  And he loves to do the plank.

And this little grin above?  It's his new favorite thing.  He squints his eyes and shows off his two bottom teeth when he greets you or sees something funny.

Happy 8 months, Porter!  I couldn't have made it through this move without you, Bubs.



Lisa said...

Oh my word! That is a fantastic photo! LOOOOVEE!!

audra Kelly said...

oh my oh my - is he just the cutest or what!? Love the pudgey cheeks and round noggin...simply adorable!

deb said...

I will never get sick of his chubby cheeks!