Monday, May 02, 2011

The DOH Story

First off, Welcome to Dose of Happy (DOH)!  Secondly, yes, I am completely crazy.  As if the move weren't enough right now, right?!  There are a lot of new beginnings in my life right now, and I'm happy that DOH is a part of it.  Here's a little story on why I am doing this....

Fresh Nest has been so good to both me and Erin.  I can only explain my reasons for wanting to move on.... just keep that in mind while you are reading this.  I love Erin and we will always be friends - so no worries, we are parting on a good note.

I love blogging.  It has brought me where I am today.  And I mean that.  I have the part time job mainly because of my activity and know-hows of the web due to my blogging.  I consult with companies because of my background in blogging.  It truly has given me so much.

Recently blogging became somewhat of a chore.  I felt a little pigeon-holed in the world of design, and I felt like I was doing it just to earn new advertisers or what not.  I felt like I was stressing over posts and answering emails.  And for what, really?  Just so I could make a buck here and there?  As well as Fresh Nest did with statistics and all, it was SO much work! (For very little pay).  And let's be honest.  I started the site to make a little dough.  I felt like blogging had become the next Pampered Chef where only a few top bloggers make money, and the rest of us were working trying to catch up with the big dogs.  It felt icky, and I didn't like it.

So here I am.  A fresh new site.  Just for me.  I honestly don't care if I make a dime on the site.  This is just for me to document what makes me happy and what I love about life.  In return, I hope it makes other people happy too.

I know the road of life can be really demanding and hard sometimes so I hope this is a space of sunshine for both you and me.

More than likely, my posts will be on fashion, food, design, and life in general.  I plan to post daily so feel free to subscribe in your reader.  I have imported all my Fresh Nest posts so you might see some branding that has transferred over.

Thanks for following me along on this new journey!




audra Kelly said...

Very cool, Miss Deb! Me likey!

Wendy Mar said...

I'll take a Dose of Happy anytime! Good for you for recognizing when it's time to change! Miss you too!

Cambria said...

I always like seeing where your roads lead you ... it's fun to tag along for the ride, enjoy your fresh insights, and see some new scenery along the way! :)

Taren said...

I felt the same way about my old blog. I just stopped liking it and I didn't really know why. And I wasn't even making anything off of it, I just got caught up in the whole "I'll never be as good as this person, so what's the point." I had to stop and realize why I started blogging in the first place. Because it's fun! So when I start back up it will be for me and i honestly won't mind if only 10 people read it haha :)

This site looks so great by the way! Good job!

Courtney said...

Good for you!

Christy said...

DOH is awesome.

Hilary Fuller said...

This is great Deb! Blogs ARE fun, but only if you like to do it of course. I started my blog to keep the family informed of the new baby so I didn't have to call everyone and repeat stories. It's turned into more than that but I'm happy with it's little ol' self. It'll never be successful, nor do I want it to be. I don't want strangers looking at photos of my kids and their antics. While I can't keep everyone from looking at a public blog on the internet, at least they don't know it exists ;)

This is so much fun. Have at it girl, inspire us! We're reading whatever you want to throw our way.