Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Living in a Glass Apartment

While out in Minnesota over the weekend we got a lot accomplished.  We put in an offer on a house, it's been accepted and now we're just waiting on inspections to come back.  But enough of that.... I know I've been talking an awful lot about the move these days.  So onto something a little more out of the ordinary.

We had the kids with us this weekend and wanted to take our 3 year old, Caden to see LegoLand up at the Mall of America.  While we were up there, I saw this:

A guy named Scott living in a glass apartment.  But not only that.  This glass apartment is in the middle at the Mall of America and he's agreed to do it for one month.  It's something Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota is putting on call The Human Doing.  They are promoting the 'Do' in all of our lifestyles and I think it's clever.  Everything Scott does for a month is voted on-- to bike or exercise?  To do air guitar or arm circles?, etc.  I also love his apartment.  So well designed and it proves how you can live an any sized space.  His apartment is 20'x30' and completely functional.

Interested in checking out more of what the 'Do' is all about?  Go to here to learn more.

All pictures taken from The Human Doing Facebook page.


Samantha said...

Weird. I'll have to check that out this week.

sinika said...

That is crazy. It would be fun for like a day... checking it out now.

Cambria said...

I think this is cool ... I don't really get what the point it, but I think it's cool anyway!

Elli Davis said...

Quite unusual indeed. But yeah, his apartment looks good and it could possibly be interesting to live like this for a couple of days. I don't think I would want people to decide (vote) what I should do for a month, I'm way too stubborn for that.