Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hello Minnesota!

Mini Minnesota

We've been in Minnesota a mere two hours, and it seems lovely.  I now know why everyone that has lived here has told us that we'll need two things upon moving: a snowblower and a snowmobile.  There is SO much snow here.  And it's making house hunting a challenge.  It's hard to really see what the exterior of a house looks like when the entire yard is covered in snow, and makes things look a little drab.

Good thing we have a little time to enjoy the hunt.  I've made a list of things our next house would have, most of which our current home is a deficient in.  I know it's not likely we'll get all these items, but I want to jot them down so I can easily remind myself of what they were before my emotions get the best of me.  Here's what's on the IDEAL list:

  • white trim

  • decent backyard (.3 acre or larger would be so nice!)

  • nearby walking paths/parks

  • close to a gym with childcare (baby #2 has killed my body image)

  • close to church (within 15 minutes)

  • close to amenities (store within 5 minutes)

  • spare guest room

  • decent sized laundry room

Wish us luck as we spend the extended weekend looking around.  And if you have any places in the Eden Prairie area to check out, let us know as we're down to see as much as we can between now and then!


Susan said...

With all that snow gear, I'd add a good mudroom to the list! Happy hunting!

Samantha said...

We are having a new house built for us in Shakopee. That's a wonderful area.

Deb said...

Welcome to Minnesota! It's a great place - but March is a pretty miserable month here :)

Where are you looking? I live in St. Paul and work in the south metro suburbs. Try south MPLS, by Minnehaha Falls, it's a beautiful area with lots of walking paths.

Amy said...

We lived in the Chanhassen area for 5 years and I loved it! Close enough to downtown but far enough away, great churches in the area and plenty of shopping nearby, close to the dinner theater and the MN Arboretum! Good luck!