Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Decluttering Bookcases: Check

Right now I don't have the luxury of making my bookcases all nice and pretty.   Bookcases filled with accessories, frames, and other items are beautiful, but mine are packed full of books.  Even after cleaning them up, and donating some, they are still full, along with some boxes of DVD's that I have no where to store in my small apartment.  My solution, put up a Kvartal rail system from IKEA and make a fabric wall to cover it all.  I LOVE how easy the drapery system was to install, not to mention it only cost $20 for all the parts I needed.  After that, I chose the fabric I liked and made a huge panel to attach to the track.  Some $2.99 a yard fabric from IKEA worked perfectly for what I needed.

Here's the Before:

Looks pretty cluttered, huh?  Small apartments will do that sometimes!

And the After:

Huge difference, huh?  Now I need to make a table runner and recover the chairs!

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