Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're Making Progress!

Last time you saw our bathroom, it looked something like this:

Well, we've been busy around here, and our bathroom now looks like this:

We have a few minor touches to finish (the baseboard trim and adding a little decor), but we are so, so close!

A couple things I learned on this project:

  1. Hire a plumber and save yourself the headache.  We had a plumber come around when we first bought the house about 5 years ago to prep everything, and then brought him back to hook everything up.  It only took him about an hour and a half, and it probably would have taken us 4-6 hours to figure out what we were doing.

  2. We bought the shower before finishing off the rest of the basement so we could buy a one piece shower instead of a three-piece.  It pretty much means that maintenance will be a piece of cake.

Now this is my son's favorite bathroom.  For a newly potty trained boy it doesn't take much for us to get excited around here!


Shannon said...

Looks great! I love your shower curtain! Where did you find it? It's perfect for a house full of boys.

deb said...

Thanks, Shannon! We found the shower curtain at Target. Here's a link: http://ow.ly/41zjO