Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eye Candy

Oh my goodness.  Have you seen the site Ideas to Steal?  I think the site is in German..??  I'm really not sure, but I am sure that I love it.  It's just the eye candy and inspiration I need to visit everyday.

To see more eye candy, pop on over to their site.


Lisa said...

The last picture with the boxes/drawers is really cool, as is the tile in the kitchen. But am I the only one slightly put off by the meat hook hanging above the bed in the first picture?

Nick said...

The magic of the Internets suggests the original site is in Danish. There do seem to be some neat ideas there.

Ideas to Steal said...

Thanks for lovely comment on our blog! :) Just to inform you our blog is in Norwegian. And in the bottom of the page it is a WIBYA toolbar in PINK. There it is a translate tool so you can read the stuff we are writing. So hopefully you will understand more of the words in the future. If you have any question is just to send us an email. We have a twitter account as well and there everything is in English. :) Have a fab day.

Melissa and Ann Kristin

deb said...

Thanks Melissa and Ann Kristin for clarifying! Love your blog!