Thursday, September 09, 2010

Announcing: Design Challenge

I've been waiting and waiting to announce this!  I'm just so excited about it!  First, I wanted to share with you a little sneak peek of my sketch books:

Just a small pile of my sketchbooks

(The inside!  Yes, they are a little blurry.  I can't give away all my ideas yet!)

There are so many project ideas in those books!  I'll never, in a million years, be able to finish all of them so I thought I'd share one sketched design with you and see what you do with it!  There are no rules, the sky is the limit!  So here's the first sketch you can take a stab at:

Let me pretty it up a bit for you:

Those circles could be anything!  They're just a layout they could be any shape or object like flowers, owls, etc.  There are no material restrictions!  The smaller thumbnails below are a few modifications to the layout that you can use too.  Items such as wall hangings, art canvases, accent pillows, and rugs are all possibilities.  Even something as simple as etching a vase counts.  You have until Monday, October 4th, to enter.  Let's see how everyone uses the sketch for their project ideas!  I'll be playing along too!  I have a few different ideas so stay tuned to see which one I end up completing.  We'll be giving out a prize to one of the participants from the entries below!  It will be random so anyone could win!!

When you're finished with your project, just blog about it, or post it in your photo gallery and link it up below so we can see everyone's completed projects!

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Jen R said...

I posted just in time! Thanks for the challenge