Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Before & After: Basement

Does this basement look familiar?

I can relate to totes upon totes making a pathway in my basement.  Anyone else?

In the architect's words this "1911 Washington, DC residence, the transformation of this cellar space into a 1000 square foot multi-use playroom, office, and laundry relies heavily upon defining zones of usage. By organizing and integrating storage units into volumes, the remaining space resolves into an open and flowing plan.  This ‘Swiss army knife’ approach allows this busy family of four to quickly mask the clutter and mess of everyday life. The Spark Modern Fires ventless fireplace contributes to the both function and charm in creating a cozy family center for films and fun; while the warm copper tile and cool blue flame are perfect compliments to the family entertainment center."

The after photos:

And here are two pictures taken from the same spot, showing off the integrated storage.

So cool, don't you think?  Anyone else ready for a basement makeover?

Photos: Pepper Watkins
Architect: E/L STUDIO
Designer: Elizabeth Emerson & Mark Lawrence


Kit said...

HOLY CRAP, I WANT IT!!!! My basement isn't nearly that big, but I have the same problem of an office and sitting area surrounded by totes and sewing projects and office stuff. I love it the idea of being able to hide it all.

yvonne @ said...

I loveee the after! i bet it will cost an arm and a leg to do that though