Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Japanese Masking Tape: A Great Accent

One of the easiest ways to make something your own, it to accent it with Japenese masking tape {Look at Happy Tape for endless options}.  Look at these great projects that have been transformed with the simple use of tape.

Jenny over at Little Green Notebook transformed her space with temporary wall paper

Dress up simple vases via To Be Charmed

Make a little wall art via Apartment Therapy

Customize a book for your coffee table via Happy Tape's blog

I just love this, don't you?  Such a great and inexpensive way to make things your own.


Shemaine Smith said...

Wonderful projects! Have you checked out Lots of Japanese Masking Tape inspiration here!

Dannie Elwood said...

This unique and beautiful Japanese Masking Tape collection would make a great teacher gift, too!

Annie said...

Hi, Have you checked also ? Lots of different masking tapes and deco tapes there !!