Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Oscars Reworked

So did you have a chance to watch the Oscars on Sunday? I did! I love watching it for all the fashion statements. And this was my favorite outfit that I saw all night.

Didn't Cameron Diaz look stunning?  To me, fashion isn't that far off from interior design.  They are both about assembling and "outfit" -- but just in different formats.  Seeing Cameron Diaz's beautiful dress with subtle accents and jewelry with red lipstick make me want to spruce up the house with a little gold.  She's glowing and to me, looks so inviting. So here are some gold pieces that could easily be incorporated into any space.

  1. Pillow from Walmart

  2. Mirror from Target

  3. Tile from Home Depot

  4. Love Candy in Lemon

  5. Modular furniture on freshome

What do you think?  Do you like a touch of gold in your space?


Marm said...

Her look was my favorite too. I think a little sparkle is needed in almost every room and gold can be a great way to get it.

Cara Jean Means said...

Haha! Look at that woman in the background! Her face! She looks like she has some beef with Cameron or something.

Sorry for the diversion.

Julie said...

Cara, she certainly is sending the Evil Eye Cam's way!

She was the most beautiful woman at the awards. Simply stunning and your post is a great reminder to add a splash of glamour to all our rooms.