Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shop Highlight: Un Esprit en Plus

This shop Un Esprit en Plus in the south of France is amazing!  It's got gorgeous cut zinc pieces, beautiful lighting, and linens.  Sigh.  The pictures are just fabulous too!!!  Everything is fresh, but slightly vintage feeling.  (Please keep in mind it is in French, but the pictures are easy to look at!  There's not too much text!)

Zinc Borders for Decoration.  Imagine these around your ceiling line used as a cornice.

Zinc Cutouts that can be used for making cute signs or as chalkboards!  Love the different variety of shapes available!

Love this light garland!  Bet you can't see the wires!  These would be great used outdoors during the summer for a soirée!

These wire hurricanes work great as a standard bell jar with some little accessories underneath, or add a light and use it as a lampshade!

Love these lampshades!  Such fabulous colors!  Bright, cheerful, and just plain fun!

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