Friday, February 05, 2010

Unique Home Inspiration-Mountain Getaway

This is a mountain home high in the Catskills mountains of Kerhonkson, New York.  Couldn't you just live there all the time?  I love the roof!  It funnels all the rainwater into a central runoff point, which happens to be on some boulders, so when it rains they get a beautiful cascading waterfall!  It's something simple, but you can tell that the designers/architects put lots of thought into the design and placement of the house on the site.  One of the best things about's actually a prefabricated home!  All the walls and panels for the home were build off site and just brought in with a truck where it was put together right there!  This cuts costs and usually makes a home more efficient as well!

Manufactured by Apex Homes

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keely aka LKP said...

ok, this entirely reminds me of the amazing house from "the lakehouse" with sandra bullock & keanu reeves!