Friday, February 26, 2010

Bathroom Remodel by Guest Designer Jessica McKay

Thanks to Jessica McKay, our Guest Designer this week from Birdhouse Interior Design for sharing tips with us!  We love your talent for working with what you have and designing in any budget.

Here is a bathroom remodel from the Birdhouse portfolio. We wanted something a little bolder and updated but didn’t have a huge budget to work with so we mixed both local retail sources and major chain store items in order to get a custom look for a reasonable price.

Beautiful, right?  Here's where we found the goodies:

I think it is more important to design an appealing space with nice lines and comfortable layouts than focus entirely on sourcing everything through obscure vendors that can be extremely pricey. I believe in mixing high and low priced items and doing the most with what you have. There is no need to be snobby since there are stylish and chic pieces everywhere.  If you find something amaing that really speaks to you then that may be worth splurging on.


Kristi @ Life With the Whitmans said...

It looks great! I really like that sink and vanity. And such nice contrast on the walls with the paint color and the white subway tile. Very classy.

Maureen said...

Do you know how they handled the window in the shower? We are getting ready to remodel our bathroom and have the same problem. I'm wondering if they addressed it differently than just putting a shower curtain over it. Thanks!

Jess@birdhouse said...

You can get window film to avoid that gross curtain in the shower feel.

Amazon has sources or you can make some with contact paper. Design Sponge had a DIY sometime ago about such a project.

Deb said...

Here's a link to the DIY tutorial over at Design Sponge on window films. It's a wonderful way to make your window beautiful and keep your privacy at the same time.