Thursday, January 07, 2010

Packing up the Holidays

Once the New Year hits, I am ready to clean up the holidays, get everything put away and then start organizing the rest of the house.  I always feel so much better when the holidays come back around and I have put everything away so nicely the previous year.  This year, Rubbermaid helped me make sure I put everything away in its place by giving me a wreath storage and an ornament cube and here is my honest review of each product.  Rubbermaid

Wreath Storage- Each wreath storage unit is large-- it holds up to a 27" wreath which is really nice.  They are really wide too so if you have smaller wreaths that could be stored together, you could probably fit two of them.  They are made of a plastic material that is easy to keep clean and makes the storage area very flexible.  The only request I would make is that there would be an area to stick a label so I can tell from the outside which wreath is stored inside.  I hung them in my basement using a storage hook.  It took me about 5 minutes to put everything away and install the hook.

Ornament Storage- I was also given the 10" Collapsible Cube to try out and I love it!  It give every ornament it's specific spot -- which I really enjoy for my treasured ornaments.  When I was little, my mother would by each of us kids a Hallmark ornament.  I have a lot of cherish memories in that box and it's fun to look at each year and what my mother purchased.  They are glass ornaments that seem to break easily with little ones around, so I feel a lot better having these stored in a safe place.

Have you already cleaned up your holiday decorations?  If so, what type of storage do you like to use?

Full Disclosure: I was given free product in exchange for a review. These are my honest opinions and have not been influenced by the Rubbermaid.

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