Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Virtual Baby Shower

Hello everyone! I've missed you!! We are nearly snowed in around here so I have a little time to play catch up.

{invitations designed by me for Cami's shower}
So guess what?

My sister-in-law, Cami is about to have a baby. She could even be in labor this very minute. But I doubt that. She would have called. {Cause I know we're at the top of the list}.

And she's having a little boy {and by little I mean probably 10 lbs.- sorry Cami!} He will more than likely have red hair. And you know what they say about red heads.
While we were out in Utah visiting family, we threw a virtual baby shower. Yes, virtual. It's a sign of the times, baby! I haven't seen Cami with her little baby bump. Sad, huh? But we all still wanted to spread the cheer and get her ready for this little one. So here are a couple tips for hosting a shower virtually: {Sorry, no pictures... I was busy.}
  1. Attention- make sure the person you are throwing a shower for is the center of attention. Use skype to bring in a video feed and make sure you have someone sitting in front of the computer talking to her and keeping her in the know when things are going on.
  2. Play an interactive game- we had a sheet with questions that attendees filled out when they arrived. i.e. how much will the baby weigh, what color of hair will the baby have, when will the baby be born, etc. This helps keep the conversation going.
  3. Have the husband (or fiance) make the mom or bride-to -be a special treat. They miss out on all the punch and cake by being away. And that's just no fun.
  4. Gifts- ask that the gifts be sent to the mom or bride-to-be in advance so she has gifts to open while everyone watches.
Overall, I thought the shower went very well. I am so happy for Cami and Jon. We wish you the best!! xoxo


Team Fuller said...

GREAT job on the cards! They're beautiful!

Cambria said...

Thanks again, Deb! It really was so fun - I was a bit worried that I'd feel the distance, but you were right on about keeping me involved by having people come to the computer and say hi. And having people send the gifts to me (even though it was a little more trouble for them) made me feel all that more part of the action - rather than just a bystander. Thanks!
(and no, I'm not in labor yet :)

Erin said...

LOVE those! Awesome job Deb!!