Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My washer smells like rotten eggs

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It's a little embarassing to admit this, but my washer stinks like rotten eggs.  I have googled endlessly for ideas on ways to get the stink out, but haven't had any luck. 


The other day I received a $1 coupon for Tide Washing Machine Cleaner in the mail so I decided to give it a try.  It comes with three treatment packages.  Since my washer already smells, Tide recommends using one package a week until the box is gone and then using one treatment package a month after that.   I just did my second treatment on Monday and so far, my washer is cleaner and doesn't smell like rotten eggs anymore.  

Do you have any funny issues like this at your house that you are having trouble with?



Jill said...

I am a FREAK about my washing machine because ours are fairly new ones (I want to keep them in tip top condition!) and we have really hard and rusty water (living in the country - boo!) so I have researched this endlessly. Have you tried vinegar and borax? I use borax withe every load (a big ole box from Target is only like $3!!!) If you have a front loader, just sprinkle it over the clothes before you start the load (1/2 cup) and then vinegar I use on occasion, that I just put in the fabric softner cup before starting (this is all in addition to HE Tide!) Super cheap and very effective!

Mandy said...

I have the same exact problem with my front loader and got the same exact stuff. It is much better now. I also dilute my detergent and don't use liquid fabric clogs up and makes it more smelly in the long run. Also, there is apparently a filter in the front panel, but I have yet to inspect that.

Lyndsey said...

To clean a stinky washer or dishwasher, just run an empty load with ammonia and vinegar in place of soap. It'll clean it, and get rid of the smell.

Vernelle Stoesz said...

I've used a front loading washer for 5 years. Never had a rotten smell. I was told to use ONLY powder laundry soap. I also use white vinegar in both the bleach and fabric softener compartment with every load (unless I happen to use bleach for some reason in that compartment). A repairman one time told me you do not need to use the HE type soap but use only 1 to 2 Tablespoons of whatever brand you get. I have been using 2 T. per load of regular (free) Tide recently but have used other brands as well. Sometimes I add a T. of washing soda or borax if items seem extra soiled. Good luck.