Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Monday

Above is one of the highlights of the trip to Kansas City this weekend. You know how I love my paper. Poor Christy had to travel with me under less than desirable circumstances. The entire weekend, I didn't feel good. I was really looking forward to trying out Jack Stack Barbecue and their cheesy corn. But all that sounded good was sprite and bread.

During the trip, we attended and spoke at the Chicks Who Click conference which is a conference geared towards chicks who click. Chicks who blog, facebook, tweet, etc. {There were a couple guys there too}. I picked up some really great tips over the weekend and met some great people. For a recap of the talks {including ours}, visit the Chicks Who Click blog.


Alissa Sheley said...

Loved your tips on keeping a digital girl organized. I will be enlisting several of them very soon.

Hope you're feeling better!


Nicole said...

Tristan love Jack Stacks! When we went to KC last we went there and I ate WAY too much so I spent the next two days feeling like you did before hand. I do have their BBQ beans recipe so if you want a taste from home, let me know and I will send it by (it is really easy because you can use the crock pot).

Glad you had fun despite feeling icky.

Average Jane said...

It was wonderful to meet you! Sorry you didn't feel well while you were here.

Kristine said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling better. So sorry you didn't get to experience Jack Stacks at its finest! Mike still talks about how wonderful that place is. BTW, is there some sort of announcement you need to make?!? ;)