Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Monday

Being a mother has its ups and downs. Usually more ups than downs. For some reason, this weekend wasn't an up. It could possibly have something to do with mother's day and the fact that I always feel a slide of guilt for not being a better mother. For being a workaholic and trying to work so hard so I can spend more time being a mother. I keep telling myself that it will all happen eventually. The persistance will pay off.

Well, this morning seemed to mimic my weekend pretty well. I have this new styling gel that gives my hair more volume and I love it, but it's super sticky and a mess. I put it all over my roots and went to turn the blow dryer on.

Ugh! Why isn't the plug working?

Wait, this other plug isn't working either!!??

My freaking blow dryer decided it was time to move on and leave me with a sticky mess of a hair do. Too bad it's not long enough to pull back.

Then Caden walked in the room and was watching me tackle my mess of a hair while he banged on the bathroom vanity and sang do-do-do songs. I really love it when he does that. It seriously makes my heart melt.

He walked off and I see a pile of goop sitting on the floor.

For some reason Caden's diapers don't want to stay on these days. I think we got a bad batch. So it doesn't hold everything in all the time.

Yep, Caden sure was do-do-doing.


On a better note, Denise from Supercuts called me and fixed Caden's hair cut. Doesn't he look so much better? Denise freakin' rocks and we are all friends now. Thanks Denise and thanks Supercuts!!


Team Fuller said...

It makes me sad you don't think you're a great mom! Give yourself some credit woman, you're wonderful

Nicole said...

It does look great. That was cool they fixed it for you. Don't worry, there are things I do that I am not overly proud of and things that make me think I was born to be a mother and the boys don't seem to notice either. They remember the hugs and kisses - not each hug and kiss individually just as a collective blur in their childhood. Caden is lucky to have you!