Monday, April 20, 2009

I paid $9 for poop!

A fun weekend. Really, it was. But over the weekend we ran into hair issues. The way I seem to live my life right now is moment by moment. I had good intentions at finding Caden a new hair stylist, but then I though to myself, "Well, that's just silly. He's only 1, why spend more than $10 on a haircut...". So we tried out the mass production route.

We made our way to Supercuts and were greeted by what appeared to be an 18 year old that just graduated from high school. We soon came to the realization that they didn't have to be licensed beauticians to work there. They just needed to appear experimental with hair color and have a tattoo of some sort.

Now, I know, 1 year olds are squirmy, but come on. It's going to take more than 5 minutes to cut his hair. Once she was all done "cutting" his hair, it didn't even look like his hair was cut. In fact, it looked worse. I left Supercuts feeling like I had paid $9 for poop.

Casey quickly came to the rescue with some water and spiked Caden's hair straight up. If he's going to look ridiculous, it might as well be over the top.

Any suggestions? Where do you go to cut your little's one hair?

{Kristan, we miss you. Please come back}.


Marisa said...

I'll ask Whitney who she suggests from her beautician days.

AzĂșcar said...

I've had good ones at Supercuts, and bad ones too. I try to cut at home as much as possible: I cut gradually while my husband shovels in the ice cream or other designated treat.

Nicole said...

Oh, too bad. Without Kristan I went to doing it myself (for Alexander, but I haven't cut my hair since Kristan did it last). Some reputable people may charge less since he is so young. My mom likes Bottlers Salon (in the old Coca-Cola building near Lincoln High, ask for Sue). Good Luck!

Kristine said...

Oh, that's ridiculous! I think I might be mad enough to say something to them. These days Mike is cutting the boys' hair with electric shears. Good luck with whatever you do... :)

Audra said...

I usually cut my kids hair- and you know I do everything to mine. I used to cut john's too but he seems to enjoy the extra attention his scalp receives at the salon so not so much anymore. I have shears and clippers if you want to give it a go..its pretty easy!

Otherwise- I've heard great things about this place called Lollipop Children's Hair Salon on S. 70th

Whitney said...

Deb, I'm so sorry about Caden's haircut!!! I would totally have cut it when we were home for bridals. The trick to kids hair is really going to someone who is comfortable with kids...and blonde, baby-fine hair is the hardest. It will show every cut. Suggestions?? I can recommend Liz at Hairmasters on 40th & Old Cheney.

Fred and Heather said...

We go to cost cutters (or whatever the generic place in Wal-mart Grand Island is), but I have a friend Alyssa at Atlantis Salon and Spa on 48th and Hwy 2 that did his haircut the first time, very patient and did a great job, just a suggestion!