Tuesday, April 14, 2009


{image via woolybaby}

I'm a little conflicted here today. The sun is shining and it gorgeous here, but I really want to buy my little toddler some of these slippers. Just because they are cute and not for any other reason. Fashion doesn't have to be completely functional, right??

{These totally go with cute little cargo shorts, right?} :)


buttercup said...

Buy them in a size up and then he can wear them in the fall and winter!

Audra said...

My kids always had slippers- all year long. Not as cute as these- usually a cheap pair from Old Navy. They work wonderfully when you taking your little one to daycare in the mornings (just pack their normal footwear in the diaper bag) or when your making a mad dash somewhere late at night...just stick these on and they are good to go!

Team Fuller said...

I say that you should dress that cutie any way that you feel like! Go crazy while you still can and he has no opinions either way!