Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mom 2.0 Summit recap

{IMG_0528 taken by Giovanni Gallucci}

This picture pretty well sums up my pose the entire weekend in Houston for Mom 2.0 Summit. I was taking it all in. There were so many amazing women {along with a couple men} that I learned so much from. I'm still sitting here with a spinning head with a growing list of things to work on. More on that later.

It all opened up with Guy Kawasaki and I honestly could have listened to him for the entire weekend. He interviews so well and makes you feel like he's having a conversation with him right in your own living room. And while doing this, uses the word shitake quite a bit. It was unreal.

Other highlights included:
mom2summit - day two-5259
{image from flickr}

Burgers Galore at the Carnivale Celebration

{image via flickr}

Dancing like crazy

{image via flickr}

Learning from amazing and successful women {Gabrielle Blair, Laurie Smithwick, Gwen Bell & Laura Mayes the founders of Kirtsy}

{image via flickr}

And best of all, making new friends and having the time of our life. {Pictured above-- Erin Schlosser, Christy Nelson, me, Dina Vathis & Surabhi Mittal)

Mom 2.0 Summit at the Four Seasons in Houston
{image via flickr}

And more friends {Kim Christopherson, Christy Nelson, me, Erin Schlosser & Kris Thurgood-- Kim & Kris are my favorite twins... they are so cute!}

Mom 2.0 Carnivale! Party

{image via flickr}

And more friends {April Atwater, Marie LeBaron & me}

And there were so many more friends that I didn't snap a picture with. The weekend was awesome and I have many, many fun things planned. Stay tuned my friends and be sure to join the ride next year.


Kristine said...

I will admit, I have no idea what this "mom 2.0 Summit" is, but it looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had such a great time! :)

Deb said...

You are so cute, Kristine! This was the first year for Mom 2.0 Summit and it was an open discussion/forum between marketers and moms.

It was fun and I'm glad I had the chance to go.