Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas recap

I can't begin to tell you how behing I am on blogging. But this is one blog I can't let fall through the cracks as it's filled with a lot of Caden's firsts.

We went to Ephraim for Caden's 1st Christmas to go and visit Casey's family. It was a very short trip, but lots of fun. And everyone was there which made it that much more enjoyable {and entertaining}.

Here's a picture recap of the trip. {One thing I have noticed is that we never take pictures of ourselves anymore...}

Caden's first plane ride--Christmas Eve. We had a layover in Denver and were delayed for 3 hours on the way out.

Caden's 1st 4-wheeler ride. It was a little cold, but he loved it!

Caden loved his uncle Christian and his fancy electronic toys. He was always willing to "help"
Christmas day. He loved all the paper more than actually opening the gifts, but he does love his new Tonka truck that he received from Grandma & Grandpa. It keeps him really busy around the house these days!
Caden {& dad} love the tall ceilings at Grandma & Grandpa's house. As always, he keeps an eye on me to make sure all is okay.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Happy 2009!!!


Joni said...

Christmas is so magical with little ones. Looks like it was a great first Christmas with Caden!

Marisa said...

Casey's as crazy as my brother, the higher the better. I miss the Utah mountains (and the Averetts) I'm glad all went well.

Kate said...

I LOVE flying! It's so fun. And Denver is def. a fun place to have a layover at! It looks like you guys had fun!