Friday, December 12, 2008

A couple things I want to share

1. I did my final post over at petit elefant on menu planning. The only item I don't have experience in is freezer meals. If you have any insight with those, please share them here.

2. My friend, Christy started a new website and I'm so excited about it. Seriously, check it out here. Seriously brilliant.

3. I'm really tempted to get this coat. Is it too late to add it to my christmas list?


Audra said...

I vote to get the coat! You would look super snazzy in it!

Christy said...

GET THE COAT! It is amazing! Or, wait until after Christmas and see if you can snag it for a super discount!

Thanks for the shout out!

Kristine said...

Did you get the coat? I think today is the last day for 20% off and free shipping, right? J.Crew coats are the best coats, IMO. I own 3 of them and want a purple one this year. :) I am obsessed with J.Crew, in case you didn't know. Have you ever visited the aficionada blog? Here's the addy if you want it:

Deb said...

Thanks for passing along that link, Kristine! I love, love, LOVE j.crew and just melt over their clothes.